Odisha Vendor List – PM Surya Ghar Yojana

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Here is the complete Vendor List of Odisha who enrolled in PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana @pmsuryaghar.gov.in

Discom Name –

  • TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.
  • TPNODL, TP Northern Odisha Distribution Limited
  • TPWODL, TP Western Odisha Distribution Limited
  • TPSODL, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited
S.No.DiscomVendor NameEmail
1TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.RAJ ENERGYEmail : Rajenergy2050@gmail.com
2TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.Swain & Sons Power Tech Pvt. LimitedEmail : info@pwrtch.com
3TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.PRAKRUTI ENERGYEmail : prakrutisolar@gmail.com
4TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.Kalinga Renewable Energy Manufacturers Pvt LtdEmail : sales@karma-tech.in
5TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.OMM Energy SolutionsEmail : manas_smart@yahoo.com
6TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.Parklands Solar Private LimitedEmail : g.krishna@parklands-solar.com
7TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.SCM SOLAR ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITEDEmail : scmsolarenergy@gmail.com
8TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.MGM GREEN ENERGY LIMITEDEmail : greenenergy.mgm@gmail.com
9TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.MAA SARASWATI ENTERPRISEEmail : info.maasaraswati.solar@gmail.com
10TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.SILRES ENERGY SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITEDEmail : silres@feniceenergy.com
11TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.Amplus Kn One Power Pvt.Ltd.Email : rohit.khanduja@amplussolar.com
12TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.RMS Energy Management and Solutions LLP.Email : rmsmanagement1010@gmail.com
13TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.Ms Ambika AgencyEmail : project@ambikaagency.com
14TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.KYOMMS' TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITEDEmail : rounakmohanty@kyomms.com
15TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.JAYTECH SOLAR SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITEDEmail : jaytechsolar96@gmail.com
16TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.Aelius Renewable Energy & Innovations Private LimitedEmail : adhyatmik@aeliuspower.co.in
17TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.SOLAR SACKEmail : jk@solarsack.in
18TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.SPACE SOLAREmail : info@spacesolar.co
19TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.Power UP 2.0Email : powerup2.0bbsr@gmail.com
20TPCODL, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.Inland EngineersEmail : inlandengineers127@gmail.com
TPNODL, TP Northern Odisha Distribution Ltd.
21TPNODL, TP Northern Odisha Distribution Ltd.JAYTECH SOLAR SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITEDEmail : jaytechsolar96@gmail.com
22TPNODL, TP Northern Odisha Distribution Ltd.Arjyesh EnterprisesEmail : arjyesh@icloud.com
23TPNODL, TP Northern Odisha Distribution Ltd.Amplus Kn One Power PVT LTDEmail : rohit.khanduja@amplussolar.com
24TPNODL, TP Northern Odisha Distribution Ltd.LIFE LINER PVT LTDEmail : lifeliner2020@gmail.com
25TPNODL, TP Northern Odisha Distribution Ltd.PARKLANDS SOLAR PRIVATE LIMITEDEmail : parklandssolar@gmail.com
26TPNODL, TP Northern Odisha Distribution Ltd.Space SolarEmail : info@spacesolar.co
TPWODL, TP Western Odisha Distribution Ltd.
27TPWODL, TP Western Odisha Distribution Ltd.PLANET EARTHEmail : solutions.planetearth@gmail.com
28TPWODL, TP Western Odisha Distribution Ltd.SEE GREEN TECHNOLOGIESEmail : ceo@koelfresh.com
29TPWODL, TP Western Odisha Distribution Ltd.Arji EnterprisesEmail : arjienterprise.solar@gmail.com
30TPWODL, TP Western Odisha Distribution Ltd.Solarution Services LLPEmail : ddpatel506@gmail.com
31TPWODL, TP Western Odisha Distribution Ltd.JayTech Solar Systems Private LimitedEmail : jaytechsolar96@gmail.com
32TPWODL, TP Western Odisha Distribution Ltd.SHANKAR ENTERPRISESSEmail : atspatnagarh@gmail.com
33TPWODL, TP Western Odisha Distribution Ltd.SOLOTECH GREEN ENERGYEmail : solotechgreenenergy@gmail.com
34TPWODL, TP Western Odisha Distribution Ltd.LIFE LINER PVT LTDEmail : lifeliner2020@gmail.com
35TPWODL, TP Western Odisha Distribution Ltd.Mahala Brothers Motors and Power Pvt ltdEmail : mohan.acharya@mbsolarsolution.com
36TPWODL, TP Western Odisha Distribution Ltd.CLEAN & GREEN SOLAR ENERGY SOLUTIONSEmail : ssaw793@gmail.com
38TPWODL, TP Western Odisha Distribution Ltd.Amplus Kn One Power Pvt.Ltd.Email : rohit.khanduja@amplussolar.com
TPSODL, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd.
39TPSODL, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd.Axiom Computers Berhampur GanjamEmail : axiombbsrsb@gmail.com
40TPSODL, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd.Helious Eternal Energy Solution & Construction Pvt. Ltd. Berhampur GanjamEmail : bharat.bishoyi@helious.co.in
41TPSODL, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd.Sevak Solar Energy Berhampur GanjamEmail : sevaksolar@gmail.com
42TPSODL, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd.MM Infra & Co. Berhampur GanjamEmail : bidishchoudhury@ymail.com
43TPSODL, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd.Mohanty Electrical Construction Berhampur GanjamEmail : mohantyelectricalconstruction@gmail.com
44TPSODL, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd.Formonik Technology Private LimitedEmail : service.support@formonik.com
45TPSODL, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd.SCM Solar Energy-OPC Private LimitedEmail : scmsolarenergy@gmail.com
46TPSODL, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd.JSME Energy & PowerEmail : sales@jsmentp.com
47TPSODL, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd.AMPLUS KN ONE POWER PRIVATE LIMITEDEmail : rohit.khanduja@amplussolar.com
48TPSODL, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd.Sudarsana PandaEmail : auromeerae931@gmail.com

Note – Above list is provided by pmsuryaghar.gov.in and the details are publicly visible

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